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q  CLEAN ROOM : We have designated one room ( located conveniently) which shall be the room for final assembly of all individual components. The room is air-conditioned, sterile and dust free.  

q TEST BENCH : A test bench with pressure adjusting / reducing valve and complete circuit for testing and setting pressure of the valves etc.  

q CALIBRATION FACILITIES : We possess  all the instruments required for the calibration that needs to be done. The  list includes

q Inside Micrometer

q Outside Micrometer

q Pressure Gauges (0-25 bar, 0-500 bar)

q Vernier callipers

q Depth Gauge

q Flow meters

q Dial Gauge ( Magnetic Type)

q Thickness gauge

q Tachometer  

q POWER TOOLS : We have all  the power tools besides the regular tools.. A preliminary list of the power tools includes

q Hand operated electric drills / screw drivers

q Hydraulic Hand pump (0 - 2000 bar) with multiple point outlets.

q Hydraulic jacks upto 500 ton capacity for removal of pins and other such items which might have seized.

q  Pipe bending machine from 6mm to 50 mm .

q Hand grinders, Offcut saw  

q INVENTORY : We  keep an inventory of all he standard items required :

q 'O' rings of all standard sizes.

q 'O' ring cords of all standard sizes.

q Adaptors, fittings of all standard sizes to enable testing  / removal / refitting of all components without delay.

q Ermetto fittings of all standard sizes to repair / refit  various sizes of pipelines.

q Countersunk drills and countersunk brass screws and nuts for brake band renewal.  

q Hydraulics pumps, motors and valves of various makes regularly found on board ships. IHI, Fukushima, Norwinch, Frank Mohn, Vickers, Hagglunds.  

q JIGS /  FIXTURES AND STRONG BACK  : We have fabricated and kept ready all the strong backs and suitable jigs and fixtures over a period of time that now we can handle and test almost all type of motors encountered in  marine hydraulics. 

q DYNAMOMETER : We have two dynamometers for testing and setting of the hydraulic equipments as  required.

q ELECTRICAL ARRANGEMENTS :  We have the following instruments / equipments like Multimeter, Tong tester, Battery 24 V D.C, Cables of various lengths, Voltmeter, Megger, Rheostat / thyristor for adjusting currents as per requirements in our test room.

q BACK UP FACILITY: We at C-MET have now been reconditioning hydraulic systems for the industry for the last 6 years. We are proud to state that we have an in-house reconditioning facility in our 8000 sq. ft. works at Mumbai. We have time tested systems and procedures which we have developed over the past 12 years of hydraulic repairs. We also have an in house test bed which is designed to measure pulls upto 200 tons. 

q  VENDOR BASE: Over the years we have developed reliable vendors who cater to various activities like heat treatment, hard chrome plating, CNC machining / grinding, laboratory analysis, polymer testing & supplies, eutectic welding etc.

  Our workshop is located in MIDC Rabale the industrial hub of Mumbai. General-purpose machine tools, welding equipment, lifting devices, gantry crane provide the basic support. A clean room, and special tools for working on all types of machinery complement the basic machinery.  

q STOCKS  :Various Hydraulic pumps ( Vane, piston, gear, screw, radial piston type) with varying flow rates from 5cc/rev to 500 cc/rev and varying flow rates upto 800 l/min and 300 bar pressure are available. Similarly, various makes of hydraulic motors like IHI, Norwinch, Staffa, Mitsubishi. Hagglunds. Hydromantic, Vickers, Rexroth, Uchida, etc are available to help test any hydraulic system. Also a test bench of 200 T force is available.


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